• Gidyee - The Barcoo Collection-Mary & Louise-The Red Road Collective

Gidyee - The Barcoo Collection

Our ‘ankle biters’ fit over almost every shoe or boot, even most of the steel capped, lace up kind. Made for everyone from farmers and graziers, gardeners, for exercising (hiking) to kids for keeping out those grass seeds and dust out over the summer period.

We are super proud of the quality of our handmade ‘ankle biters’ with fun and practical cotton drill fabrics, allowing you to feel trendy and want to step outside with a smile.

Our newly released ‘Barcoo Collection’ Spring 2019 is made up of five gorgeous colours available in three sizes large (approx. 27cm), medium (approx. 24cm) and kids/small (approx. 18cm).

  • Leopard Wood – a leopard print on a white background
  • Mulla Mulla – a pretty soft pink with white spots
  • Gidyee – lovely olive with white dash’s
  • Bauhinia – a gorgeous soft olive with white spots
  • Mitchell – a mustard with black dash’s

The ‘Barcoo Collection’ came about on a recent trip to Western Queensland where we visited a dear friend whose property has the Barcoo River run through it. We managed to finish off these five pairs for our evening photo shoots which including lots of fun. It seemed fitting to name each pair and the collection after our trip as the colours worked in so well with the scenery.

They are a lovely gift or even just to treat yourself. There is nothing nicer than receiving a comment of people saying ‘oh I love your ‘ankle biters’ (sock covers) where did you get them?’