Corrugates - The Canning Collection

The ups and downs in the roads/tracks.

‘The Canning Collection’ 

A bike trip over 14 days saw the completion of the Canning Stock Route, Western Australia a few years ago. A girl on two wheels along with four bikes and two vehicles traveled south to north from Wiluna to Bililuna across all kinds of terrain. Crossing four deserts, multiple lakes, the tropic of Capricorn along with 51 wells.

One to be added to the bucket list! Maybe a 4WD.

Our ‘ankle biters’ fit over almost every shoe or boot, even most of the steel capped, lace up kind. Made for everyone from farmers and graziers, gardeners, for exercising (hiking) to kids for keeping out those grass seeds and dust out over the summer period.

We are super proud of the quality of our handmade ‘ankle biters’ with fun and practical cotton drill fabrics, allowing you to feel trendy and want to step outside with a smile.

They are a lovely gift or even just to treat yourself. There is nothing nicer than receiving a comment of people saying ‘oh I love your ‘ankle biters’ (sock covers) where did you get them?’

Available in sizes

  • Large - approx. 27 cm (ankle), 45 cm (around bottom), 15 cm length
  • Medium - approx. 24 cm (ankle), 45 cm (around bottom), 15 cm length
  • Small/Toddler - approx. 18 cm (ankle), 30 cm (around bottom), 15 cm length
  • NEW - Extra Long - Medium - approx. 24 cm (ankle), 45 cm (around bottom), 20 cm length
  • NEW - Extra Long - Large - approx. 27 cm (ankle), 45 cm (around bottom), 20 cm length
  • $20.00