What is The Red Road Collective?

The Red Road Collective began from a desire to reach out and network
with other women living in rural, regional and remote Australia.
There had to be more than just one woman wanting to achieve all possible business dreams and still be happy and fulfilled in other areas of life.
It was created for rural women, who have their own small business, hobby or idea and want the opportunity to grow, connect and support with other like-minded women in similar lifestyles and circumstances.
The Collective has evolved to create a safe space for everyone to enjoy, and glimpse inside the lives of Australian women living in rural and regional areas, share stories, recipes, tips & hacks as well as to promote events that may be happening in our local areas.
The Red Road Collective is a joint effort, it could not be done without a team of dedicated women behind it. From photography to 'ankle biters', clutches
and handmade jewelry, baby goods, soap and much more.
We will continue to grow and evolve, and aim to meet the needs of the people who follow us along on our journeys. Not just another online store. Every single item has been carefully selected to have a positive impact on our health and lives.
We encourage inclusivity and hope to reach as many women as possible who want to connect, inspire and share with each our triumphs and tribulations.
The Red Road Collective is for the every-woman.