Terms and Conditions

The Fine Print

The Red Road Collective is an online platform for women within Regional, Rural and Remote Australia, from all states and territories, that create and make handmade goods.

A contract of sale is formed between you and the seller once the transaction has taken place and has been approved by the seller.

The agreement is formed between you and the seller, and your rights and agreement, are directly with the seller and not us, being "The Red Road Collective" or "Red Road Co".  We are not a part of the agreement once the transaction has occurred.

The product, unless stated otherwise, is sent directly from the seller, it is not owned, nor in the possession of The Red Road Collective or Red Road Co unless stated otherwise.



  • You agree to pay the entire price of the product once the purchase has been made to the seller. This includes any insurances and shipping charges that may occur. All transactions are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and prices include GST where applicable.
  • We currently do not ship internationally unless approval has been cited by the seller, in which case, the seller can be contacted by, the sellers independent website, or a request made to administration via email.
Click here to send a request for an international postage rate.
  • You must pay for the Product online by credit card, PayPal account unless  Your payment will be processed upon receipt of your order.


  • The Seller maintains the right to cancel any order that has already been paid and accepted, if the Seller suspects that it is fraudulent or in breach of these terms and conditions. 
  • You, as the purchaser, may cancel an order if the Seller is in breach of these terms and conditions as written by sending an email to administration of Red Road Co. Click here to send an email.


  • Due to the nature of our service, some items will arrive at different times. We  like to think that we bring together the best of the bush and our sporadic and sometimes crazy mailing schedules will determine when your order ships. You can also get a rough estimate of this by reading the information on the sellers page. This is to be used as an estimate only.
  • If your item/s are urgent, please contact the seller or send us an email and we will be only too happy to help.
  • The Seller will ship the item to the place of delivery you as the Purchaser, specify when completing your order. Once the item has been shipped it is no longer the responsibility of the seller. If insurance is specified as an option we strongly urge you to select it at the checkout. 
  • If there is a delay in shipping your order the Seller will contact you by email as soon as possible to advise you of the reason for the delay and when it can be possibly expected to be shipped.


  • Returns are assessed and are at the discretion of the individual seller, should you wish to discuss a refund or exchange.
  • You are not entitled to a refund due to change of mind.