Membership Tier Breakdown

We understand that everyone has different needs, depending on their stage of business. There is no "one size fits all." Below is our membership tier breakdown options to help you decide what is best for you and your business at the moment. These are designed to be used as a guide only and some tiers can be customised to a particular businesses needs. There is something in here for everyone and every budget. From those just mulling around with an idea,
to the up and running profitable business that would like to reach more traffic. 
We base our beliefs and tiers on creating a "community" that can assist each other and have empathy for the individual journey by assisting when we can, rather than making the price point out of reach for small start ups and others alike. 

Tier 1

Our most basic tier, but still packs a punch.
Suited for those with an existing website, who would like to increase their traffic by having a page on the platform dedicated to their business with a direct URL link, personalised description and images describing their business.
This will allow customers to source your website directly from The Red Road Collective once they click the link. 


Tier 2

Self managed webpage and selling platform.At your own pace, whenever you are ready to press GO.
An excellent place to start off for those who do not have a website, but would like to make a start and streamline their product and selling capabilities.
This tier includes your own personal log in information, allowing you to enter, create, upload all of your products, prices and descriptions as well as specifics about your business and any other information you would like your customers to know.


Tier 3

All of the goods in Tier 2 BUT if you have a pre-exisiting website we can also put in a link it to your website!
This is suited for those who have their own website but would like to increase exposure with a different audience, and perhaps might like to have a few products specifically to be sold on this platform, or if duplicating products is not an issue then why not have all items listed on both!


Tier 4

So you're feeling on top of things and want to personalise it a bit? Ready to move on and try something new?
Well then! This is the perfect for you!
Have your personal access to the platform, with the freedom to upload all specifics about your products and sell them under your own domain name! 
Drive your audience to your specific page with a domain name setup and configuration to your direct webpage on the platform!


Tier 5

Much like Tier 4, Tier 5 is the same but you can have an email address as well!
Make it ******** 
get your own personal email address with your business name,
To recap, it is the selling platform, domain and email setup configuration.


Tier 6

Time not on your side? But you really want to get this up and running?
Or perhaps this isn't your strong point, after all, you have items to make and other jobs to do.
With Tier 6, we want you to be able to relax and we can set the webpage on the platform up for you. So just relax, provide us with the product info and images and we will do the rest. At the end we will give you your log in and then it is all yours.


Tier 7

Now there are endless possibilities that we can add and customise for your store.
But life is big and time is short, we know you don't have all day.
If there is something that you would like to be able to do from your webpage or perhaps you would like to add in a blog or a booking calendar?
Then please get in touch.
We would only be too happy to help. 


Please email us HERE if you have any questions about what we can do for you.

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