Meet The Murgona Mum

Kasey has been an absolute asset when it comes to providing images, and a glimpse into what it is like living in rural QLD. When asked to write about her passions in life, we knew that Kasey would be the perfect fit to the team.
My passions are my kids, my cattle and my faith!
I also enjoy photography which is what has brought
me to the Red Road Collective.
I find photography a natural fit with living and working on beautiful properties. Also having 2 cute children provides me with much inspiration. Some places and moments deserve to be caught on camera and I hope you enjoy seeing some snapshots of my life. The name ‘Murgona Mum’ came to me quite quickly after I was approached to be involved in the Red Road Collective. I feel it describes me exceptionally well, in just 2 words. I live and breathe Murgona Cattle Co, at the forefront ofwhich is our Santa Gertrudis Stud.