Information Kit | Red Road Co

What is Red Road Co?

Closing the kilometers between talented rural women living in the bush

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Red Road Co. is result of women getting together to share their passions, make an impact and create change for others and our enrich our way of life.


Collaboration, not competition.

Join a group of like-minded rural women who understand the challenges of rural living, juggling jobs, kids, animals & business. Chat forum to troubleshoot & ask advice, or just to share your day.

Websites are expensive

Not to mention time consuming! Use your time to make & create instead of fiddling with an entire website.

Established following

Social Media isn't your thing? or maybe it is but need some more loyal customers. The RRC has an established customer base who actively support rural women.


Join an ever-evolving community of rural women who create and make, ask for help, brainstorm, bounce ideas, be involved in learning, network, and get involved within our community to pay it forward when we can.

Because we Care

The Red Road Collective was never intended to be for one person.

It's aim is to reach and empower as many women as it can to provide opportunity and self worth when and where it's needed most.


What Sets Us Apart?

Distance does not define us

There are many platforms available for self-starters and small businesses to join to sell their products and reach new audiences.

We have worked hard to create Red Road Co. and set it apart from other selling platforms by providing not just a platform for sale but a community in which we can communicate together in.

Here are a few ways we do it different: 

  • Available to answer questions and assist if needed. We aren't a call center or outsourced support team. We are your biggest fans and the women who wish your success!
  • A "catch up call"  to check in, and see how things are going, and help keep each other accountable and motivated, if words of encouragement are needed or ideas need to be bounced.
  • A non-social media platform to talk, ask questions and celebrate the small wins and troubleshoot the problems.
  • Limited competition! If you are a maker of a certain product in a certain style then you will be the only one. No competing with 30 other earrings makers of the same style.
  • Regular webinars hosted by women in relevant fields of expertise in a close knit group environment. Example: Womens' Counsellor, Digital Marketing, Health and Wellbeing, Virtual classes.
  • Red Road Co. has been developed through life experiences, working to understand and provide learning support services for ladies on the land and to meet the needs of an ever changing world and battling geographical isolation and pressures that can accompany this lifestyle.