About Red Road Co.

The Red Road Co. is an ever-evolving community of geographically disadvantaged women from all over Australia who create and make, work full time, work part time, raise children, work the land and lead busy lives that want the opportunity to showcase or grow their small business and talents on a website and social media where we can reach each other’s audience without having the burden of doing it alone.

The Collective isn't just another online shopping website, there are already plenty of those. It is welcoming and inviting, socially present, inclusive, and easy for both consumer and seller.  A wide selection of handmade products from rural women who love where they live.
A platform where we not only close the kilometres between talented rural women living in the bush, but also give an insight into our everyday lives, to the people who support us and buy our products knowing that it has in instant impact on lives.
The Red Road Collective continues to evolve and change into what it needs to be for the women who make and sell their items, to the people who visit our website and social pages, and also the organisations we give back to.
I would like to think of us as friends who just don’t know each other face to face yet. But are comfortable enough to ask for help, brainstorm, bounce ideas, be involved in learning, network, and get involved within our community to pay it forward when we can.