Koala Eco Products

KOALA ECO products are all natural and eco-friendly. They combine high concentrates of pure Australian essential oils with quality plant-derived biodegradable ingredients, resulting in products that work as well if not better than chemical cleaners. Our products won’t harm you or the planet and we never test on animals.

We give back

For the sake of a healthy future for everyone’s children everywhere, we believe in supporting environmental conservation. Each time you buy a KOALA ECO product, we’ll donate to the charity One Percent for the Planet to assist in the ongoing protection of land, forests, rivers, oceans, and also to encourage sustainable methods of energy production. So, in effect, if you buy from KOALA ECO, everyone ends up giving back.

We really work

We’ve made sure that KOALA ECO products are more effective than readily available chemically based cleaners (as well as being affordable, safer for your family and kinder to the environment).

We’ve worked with a specialist chemist to produce powerful yet completely non-toxic formulas you can trust and depend on to clean and sanitise hard surfaces, furniture, and appliances throughout your home.

We’re Australian

Because we want to be transparent about what goes into every KOALA ECO product, as well as keeping tabs on our carbon footprint, we’ve committed to making everything in Australia. All our ingredients are sourced in this country, so we can also help support local economies and livelihoods.

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