When nothing sticks | A journey through IVF

  • IVF Got This

    For those of you who are going through, or have gone through IVF, you will know what a crazy and full on time it is. Doctors, meds, hormones, weird cravings for  Big Macs at 2 am...just me? Ok moving on. So, I thought I’d put together a list of things that I didn’t really expect or think much abo... View Post
  • The Feelings | Retreat

    I can honestly feel my eyes glaze over and the physical pain of anguish inside my heart start to pull me in.
    This has bought me to the mindset that maybe I should just start preparing for a life without children.
    Because we both know we can’t afford to keep doing IVF for much longer.  View Post
  • How did we get here | A summary

    “Everything’s looking perfect” says my doctor, as he sits between my spread legs,
    dildo camera adequately jammed into my nether region for yet another internal scan.
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