Sarah | Shades by Sarah

Hi I’m Sarah,

I live in western Queensland with my husband and our 2 children. I am a sister, friend, business owner, employee and lampshade maker.

I love rural life, supporting other rural makers and creators and supporting Aussie’s fabric suppliers and creators wherever I can.

It was grief that initially turned me to lampshade making, I was trying to get my mother back into making after a family member’s sudden passing, you know, to help take her mind off things and keep her busy.  What I didn’t know was that it was actually me who needed something to do, and how much I would enjoy creating beautiful shades for people’s homes.  Shades that are ‘them’, that they love, that aren’t mass produced, that are made in Australia and that suit their home and their personality.  To me there’s something so rewarding in being able to deliver that customers.

So I guess here I am making lampshades, fabric obsessed, juggling family, business and life like most other makers out there and loving every minute of it.