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    Seeking out the stunning creators within the Australian Bush,

    and working to create and nurture their passions.

  • Rural and Remote We focus on reaching women who live in rural and remote regions of Australia
  • Australian Handmade Seeking out the talented and unique around the country
  • Supporting rural, supporting each other We know it's tough sometimes. It's important to reach out if you need too

Scattered Four Winds Slow Stitch Gallery

Examples of different types of stitching that have been used to create pieces of art. Draw inspiration for your next Slow Stitch project.

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When Nothing Sticks

IVF Got This

For those of you who are going through, or have gone through IVF, you will know what a crazy and full on time it is. Doctors,...

The Feelings | Retreat

I can honestly feel my eyes glaze over and the physical pain of anguish inside my heart start to pull me in.
This has bought me to the mindset that maybe I should just start preparing for a life without children.
Because we both know we can’t afford to keep doing IVF for much longer. 

How did we get here | A summary

“Everything’s looking perfect” says my doctor, as he sits between my spread legs,
dildo camera adequately jammed into my nether region for yet another internal scan.

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