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    Seeking out the stunning creators within the Australian Bush,

    and working to create and nurture their passions.

  • Community and Inclusivity

    A platform to come together to interact, connect and communicate. 

    Coming together is a beginning.  

    Keeping together is progress. Working together is Success.

  • Rural and Remote We focus on reaching women who live in rural and remote regions of Australia
  • Australian Handmade Seeking out the talented and unique around the country
  • Supporting rural, supporting each other We know it's tough sometimes. It's important to reach out if you need too

When Nothing Sticks

The Feelings | Retreat

I can honestly feel my eyes glaze over and the physical pain of anguish inside my heart start to pull me in.
This has bought me to the mindset that maybe I should just start preparing for a life without children.
Because we both know we can’t afford to keep doing IVF for much longer. 

How did we get here | A summary

“Everything’s looking perfect” says my doctor, as he sits between my spread legs,
dildo camera adequately jammed into my nether region for yet another internal scan.

Christmas Collection

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